It’s about you

Smiling Surface is a graphic design boutique helping business own with pride visual tools explaining who they are and what they do.

We specialize in business communications

Logo and Branding Identity
Annual Reports
Brochure and informational publication
Web Design (on demand or part of a branding identity package)

It’s that human touch

You want to feel welcome, comfortable, appreciated, and in trusted hands—and so do your clients. Smiling Surface acts as a designer, collaborator, friend, and sometimes savior. Because in the end, it’s the human touch that matters the most and how well you want to be serve.

I Feel, Therefore I Buy!

Research proves 90% of all purchase decisions are made subconsciously. They are based on the emotions and feelings your design invokes in your customer. Smiling Surface creates designs that speak to your customers’ hearts, triggering action and building your business into a sleek and contemporary brand.

You’re In Control

You are free to raise any concerns or discuss any issues. Your emails and phone calls will be answered promptly, and you will feel the conversation to be engaging, respectful and productive. It will answer your questions and bring great energy to your project.


Lets start a conversation about your needs.