How designers get from a blank page to your final design project?

ds_QuestionsTHE BRIEF

The design brief is the anchor that holds your whole design project in place. It’s getting to know you, your business and your present goal.

Without the brief, you may feel lost in a world of possibilities. Even the best and most experienced designers will depend on the brief to create something that really works for you. A good brief should cover all aspects of your project, including the goals, the target audience, the branding details, the media through which the design will be relayed to the customers, etc.

The brief is about discovering what solutions might be required in order to align your design with your objectives. A brochure, a website, a logo, or other types of design projects will have their own unique considerations. Following a completed brief, we then enter into the Creative Process where we bring to life real visual solutions to your project.

Research and Development

Learning more from our own research.

The creative process

Defining the problem
Let’s say you’re in a situation where you feel your product or service is not generating the projected sales. Is it a lack of credibility? Either way some areas of your product or service are not performing has you wish. Share your real concerns with the designer and emphasize why they need to be address offering some real data. Once the real problem has been formulated it’s time to explore how to bring ideas to life.Getting ideas

Ideas can come from different directions. You’ll need ideas for making a connection with your audience, for creating a stunning visual impact, and you’ll need compelling copy as well. Your designer will provide those ideas with some sound advice to help clear the path among the possibilities, in keeping with the discovery process that the brief provided.

Creating form
After some workable ideas have been identified, some great copy will be needed to support the new direction of your product or service. Then the transformation can begin into the desired form, which may be tested on a packaging, a brochure, a website, or whatever it is that you are looking to design to bring a breath of fresh air to your market.

Testing and refining

Once into shape you can even go a step further and test some ideas again. That’s what the design process is. Refining until you have it and you’ll know when it’s right.

Approuval and Production

Now the final file is just right and you gave your seal of approuval.
The files are now heading to either the printer or the programmer.

Distribute and Celebrate

From the smell of the fresh printed pieces coming out of the boxes, to the online responsive presence, you have that feeling of empowerment and pride. Now it’s time to strut your stuff and celebrate.

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