“I’m smart using ‘smart’ quotes.”

Quotes are important to testimonials, to excerpts and to create a visual impact.

In English you will find dumb or straight quote that is vertical bars versus the smart quotes that are either curved, squared or angled. See samples below.

Using dumb quotes shows a lack of professionalism. Often designers need to replace quotes and apostrophes from a client’s file because the font in use wasn’t designed the smart way.
DumbQuotesDesigners comb through thousands of fonts to bring a feeling and a style to the text on a page. Among those fonts, we check if they have all the proper characters to typeset with finesse.

How to set French quotes?

In French we use the « guillemet » or « chevron ». French punctuation is set differently than in English. In French we add a thin space before and after the chevron. The colon, semi colon, question mark and exclamation mark need a thin space before.

How to set a block quote?

The sample below shows the English quotation mark offsetting the four lines of text. Isn’t that chick! Applicable in French as well.

PS. Enjoy feeling smart.

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