The Good Designer

Any respected professional wants to work with their equal and thrive. The professional designer also feels the same way. With so many design service options to choose from, and considering the time and money that you plan to invest, things can get confusing.
#1 GoodDesigner
Here are three things you should expect from a professional designer. The designer’s goal is first to listen to your wants and needs before heading to the ideation board. (I have to confess that we always have ideas floating.) Followed by some questions and observations to get the gist of the situation and start a conversation.
#2 GoodDesignerIt should then be followed with the design brief. The design brief is about discovering what solutions might be required in order to align your design with your objectives. It’s the anchor that holds your whole design project in place with you and the designer. From the brief’s findings the designer can begin creating conceptual ideas that will bring solutions to your business problem.
#3 GoodDesignerIf you want to find out more about the design brief, simply visit the creative process: