Welcome to the Creative Process

Great design integrates aesthetics, aspiration, inspiration, science, culture, psychology, and marketing knowledge. The Creative Process begins with you and the Creative Brief is the anchor that holds your whole design project in place.

A good Creative Brief begins with your participation. It’s a way to organize your thoughts regarding your project. It will cover all aspects of your project, including the goals, the target audience, the branding details, etc. It’s about discovering what solutions might be required in order to align the design with your objectives. Without a good creative brief your project can loose its true orientation.

ds_QuestionsFrom the Creative Brief, we extract key information critical to the completion of the 3-step Creative Process and creation of great design just for you.

The 3-Step Creative Process

The Creative Process often reveals solutions far beyond our ideas and gives us the opportunity to improve our chances of success.

1. Defining the problem
Let’s say you’re in a situation where you feel your product or service is not generating the sales or conveying the image that you want. Share your real concerns with the designer and emphasize why they need to be addressed.

2. Getting ideas

2.ProcessIdeas can come from different directions—from your designer, employees, customers, competitors, and from elsewhere. You’ll need ideas for making a connection with your audience, for creating a stunning visual impact, and for writing a compelling copy.

3. Creating form

After the workable ideas have been identified, they will be transform into the desired form, which may be tested on a stationary, packaging, a brochure, a website, or whatever it is that you are looking to design.

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