Have you lost 
your inner child? 
Do you remember learning fun, quick games brought out something you didn’t understand yet, like competition, being a winner and against the odds, learning to lose with your best friend?
Here is a take on the old age Tic-Tac-Toe wine series, and be that child again.​​​​​​​
3 wine bottles label with the game Tic-Tac-Toe.
research SHOWS that
women like whiskey
For my design pleasure, I chose a whiskey label. I’m not in the target audience, but I had my share of whiskey sour, which was good. This could be my new thing; who knows?
Nowadays, redesigning or launching a new product demands research within your industry. While considering the target audience. 
Whiskey has deep roots with a new audience of women as distilleries owners and consumers. “…With women representing almost 30 percent of whiskey drinkers in the U.S. (up from 15 percent in the 1990s) and being responsible for up to 70 percent of alcohol purchasing decisions for the home…” according to worthdotcom.
Let’s celebrate life with a fresh bottle of Skoo.
With a name like Skoo, you can only imply fun. An artistic approach to the bottle suggests light, bubbly with cheerful colours to distinguish itself on the shelves while thinking of pleasant moments.​​​​​​​
Personal opinion:
Container vs. Content
The grocery store now a day feels overwhelming. Don’t you think? The many choices stacked against each other to allure us, saying, “Buy me. Buy me.”
I enjoy looking at new packaging and wondering if it’s as good as it seems.
As a customer and brand designer with a twisted point of view, curiosity got me into trouble. Yes, I purchased food because the packaging looked nice. Then, I check if the product is unique in its category, trendy, or a spin-off of what is already out there. Then, once home, I try it immediately; that’s the fun part of shopping.
Would I re-buy some of them? Not really.
I wasted some dollars on this experiment, which made me dismiss some brands.
Have you realized that we react unconsciously when we ask our spouse or friend to get this brand, not that one for a specific item?
And don’t forget we throw away or recycle the packaging. It’s as if it’s all forgotten.
What about the “new and improved” claims? It’s a lost cause in my book and has been overused for a long time. It’s probably to sustain the current product. Though it’s costly to reprint a box to add “new and improved.” Well, the companies must know something consumers don’t.
Are we savvy customers enough, or do we have to pay to figure out what works for us constantly? It’s up to you to discover and hopefully not pay more than intended for what you want. This got me thinking about why we buy the same old because it works, and we love the product.
Great packaging pulls us in, but a quality product will make us love the brand, whatever its price point.
Lets chat in good company.
I will get back to you very soon. Thank you!

“I have worked with Guylaine for more than 15 years, on everything from flyers, to magazines, to multi-volume book series. No matter what the project or the context surrounding it; she has always been productive, professional, and patient. She is ready to take on any challenge, and to explore new ideas…. she is also understanding and resilient when the scope of a project changes unexpectedly. I always get wonderful feedback on the work that Guylaine does. I would recommend her unconditionally to anyone looking for a dedicated designer, who is willing to go above and beyond for her clients”.
—Holly Potter, Strategic Communication

"Guylaine Regimbald was very invested and passionate to get all the possible information to create a professional brand identity. Furthermore, with her interactions in our brand strategy sessions, she helped me discover aspects of my brand I wasn’t aware of and that helped me develop a clearer path in my business to reach the right audience. I didn’t know much about what a brand identity was but she helped demystify the subject. The process helped me to better understand the needs of my business and the end result was lovely. I’m very please with her work". 
—Iliana Sanchez, owner of LML

« Guylaine a été d’une aide précieuse pour rajeunir l’image corporative de notre organisation. Elle a su jumeler les attentes diverses de chacun de nos intervenants en un tout cohérent et original. Elle nous a aussi amené à élargir notre vision vers de nouvelles directions. Nous n’avons eu que des compliments sur le travail effectué et n’hésitons pas à chaudement la recommander.
J’éprouve personnellement un grand plaisir à travailler avec elle d’autant plus que sous sa tutelle, j’ai développé des connaissances en graphisme et en typographie de manière à mieux être à même de juger de la qualité d’un travail. Cela me permet d’apprécier un peu plus justement son excellence technique et son professionnalisme. Je la remercie pour sa générosité à partager sa passion. »
—Me Karine Simoes, ex-DG et chef de la conformité à la Corporation de services du Barreau du Québec

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